[mythtv-users] Diseqc and rotor

Pekka.Kuronen at pegasi.fi Pekka.Kuronen at pegasi.fi
Sat Sep 1 07:56:53 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

I have a Stab HH100 Diseqc 1.2 rotor that I used to control with a 
separate satellite positioner controller and after that with a Nokia 
Medimaster dvb-s receiver. With both of them I could finetune the 
satellite manually, store positions and recall them later when watching 

Now I've tried to use Mythtv with the rotor. I've set up diseqc 1.2 
rotor, several satellite positions and a LNB in the diseqc tree. I 
suppose the rotor itself contains the satellite positions and Mythtv 
only calls the position # ?

Here are my problems:

- Only the first 2 satellite positions seem to work and really move the 
- The last time I tried the first 2 positions worked only in 
mythtv-setup - not when watching - and the rest not at all
- The attempt before my last one worked when watching (but only with 
first 2 satellite postitions)
- Degrees don't seem to have any meaning in the rotor setup?
- Can you recalculate / calibrate the sat position? Diseqc 1.2 
recognizes commands to go manually west / east aswell as goto sat 
position #.

Has anyone done a successful rotor setup? If you have please tell about 
your setup procedure.

Pekka K

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