[mythtv-users] DVB-C and mythTV : @home Netherlands

Gert van der Knokke gertk at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 30 18:09:25 UTC 2007

Marcel Janssen schreef:
> Hello Gert,
>> Is this a DVB-C card with CI and smartcard ? If so I am very interested
>> in this combination.
> Correct. I use a KNC1 card with attached CI. I ordered an alphacrypt card, 
> which should arrive this week, so I should know more about it by the end of 
> this week. For now the free channels like (nederland1, TV brabant, TV 
> flevoland etcc...) work fine.
Hi Marcel,

There are only a few channels free to view here on our @home cable so I
will wait until you have good results. The alternative would be to get a
DVB-S card with CI and smartcard but then I guess I will run into
trouble with CanalDigitaal. My backend has a DVB-S (Nova-S Budget) card
which is getting (some) EPG data over EIT. The other cable channels
coming in through 2 PVR500' s (..)  are getting EPG data from
tv_grab_nl_py (not always perfect alas)

More and more TV's are equipped with CI slots these days, some do DVB-C
too (Sony, Loewe) so demand is getting higher and higher for @home
solutions and need usable/supported CI adapters. BTW where did you get
your KNC1 card ?

I am currently trying to get 'perfect sync' on my frontend(s), that is
50 Hz sync instead of 60 or 75 Hz VGA sync which results in jitter and
juddery pictures. I managed to get my Samsung LCD to run at 50Hz over
DVI->HDMI (1280x720) and the results are amazing. Images are crisp and
movement is smooth (ticker lines, slow pans and such). Unfortunately my
frontend (Pundit-S) does not do OpenGL VSync so every now and then there
is still some judder/stutter. At the moment I am using another machine
as a frontend (using an ATI card with DVI) but this combination will not
do Bob-Deinterlace and 50 Hz OpenGLsync (aaarrrggh!)  This week a NVidia
based frontend is going to be tried out, hopefully it will do 50 Hz and
Bob-Deinterlace. (the Americans don't know how lucky they are with 60 Hz
TV... haha!)


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