[mythtv-users] Using DVR set top box

Alan Bromborsky abrombo at verizon.net
Mon Oct 29 21:04:33 UTC 2007

I have just gotten FIOS and have one Motorola DVR set top box.  What I 
wish to do is to copy program from the DVR to my computer, edit them, 
and copy the edited versions to DVD's automatically at night.  The 
reason for this method is that I often wish to view a program in real 
time while recording another (which the DVR set top box allows me to 
do).  I wish to do the transfer at night since as far as I can tell the 
set top box DVR will only output through the firewire port at a 1 to 1 
speed.  I wish to do it automatically so that I don't have to manually 
start the DVR playback each time I wish to transfer a recording to 
MythTV.  Is their any hope of being able to do this using MythTV.

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