[mythtv-users] HD Hockey + SD Hockey

Martin Lynch martin.lynch at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 29 07:04:22 UTC 2007

On 10/28/07, Daryl <darylbell at shaw.ca> wrote:

> > Hockey is an issue for me as well. Recording SD over cable with PVR 150.
> > Mythbuntu running trunk. I can't find any errors in mythbackend.log while
> > recording or watching. I've been tweaking recording profiles and I think it
> > is looking slightly better now but still almost unwatchable. The only good
> > thing about this is that it doesn't hurt the WAF at all...

What bitrate are you using?  SD hockey pretty much requires a higher
bitrate than normal recordings.  My "Default" profile (SD pvr350) uses
bitrate=3000, maxbitrate=4000.  For hockey I use bitrate=6000,
maxbitrate=8000.   That has worked great for me.

That solution seems to make sense to me - I think hockey simply 
overwhelms the normal settings since there are so many areas of the 
screen moving at very high speed. I was watching Casino Royale in HD 
last night and noticed the same thing in a shot showing the ocean - 
there were tons of small waves all in motion and the system was having 
trouble keeping up - it's the only time I've seeen that happen other 
than hockey. I posted a quasi-solution a few days ago, in that if I hit 
rewind for a few seconds, then play, it seems much better. It's 
definitely not a disk-throughput issue - I'm running a RAID 0 with 2 X 
320GB Sata II for recordings, with myth on a separate 320GB Sata II drive.

Since I'm using firewire, should I increase the speed to 800 from 400? 
Or should I drop it down to 200 on the basis I'm overwhelming it at 400?

Ian: yes, am in paradise...er...Vancouver and the firewire worked right 
away from the Shaw HD box - didn't need to contact Shaw at all. I used 
to use a PVR-350 but the resolution is limited so switched to firewire 
and wish I'd done so sooner. The only thing which happens once in a blue 
moon is the node switches (ie from 0 to 1 or 2 to 0 etc). That used to 
be an occasional inconvenience in that you'd need to run plugreport then 
go into mythtv-setup and change the node, however since I switched to 
the SVN it appears to change nodes automatically. Some of the channels 
are encrypted - the time-shifted US superstations in particular - but 
that doesn't bother me since I very rarely watch live-TV since building 
my myth setup 9 months ago. On principle, tho, I've complained to the 
CRTC since it strikes me as a restraint of trade, ie it hinders 
competition in PVRs since only the cable company's PVR works with the 
blocked channels...

And please no comments on my lowly Canucks...

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