[mythtv-users] Garbled Closed captions with PVR-350

Pankaj Chavan pankaj_chavan at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 02:20:33 UTC 2007

To reply to Brian Wood's comments (sorry for breaking
the threading)

> You can probably determine if it is a Myth/IVTV 
> problem pretty quickly.
> If you connect the same RF feed cable that's going
> your 350 directly
> to your TV set how do the captions look?

OK, I tried this, and the TV (Panasonic 27" CRT) shows
perfect captions.

> If they look good then you probably do have a 
> Myth/IVTV problem, if they
> do not then you don't.
> You mentioned "ghosting and snow" on the 401, such 
> things can effect
> captions very much.

Well, there is only a little bit of ghosting and snow.
 Moreover, dbx-401 shows perfect captions as well. 
Moreover, zvbi-ntsc-cc -c -d /dev/vbi1 (on PVR-350 vbi
device) shows perfect captions as well, hence my
suspicion that MythTV decoding is broken.

> Make sure you use the same exact cable that feeds
> 350 for a test,
> you might have a bad splitter, connector, cable etc.

I tried swapping the feed to dbx-401 and PVR-350,
exactly same results.

I'd really like to get to the bottom of this.



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