[mythtv-users] Using mythbuntu for a frontend/backend combination with nexus-s

Joachim Zettler joachim_zettler at yahoo.de
Sun Oct 28 09:40:12 UTC 2007

Dear all,

I have a P3/800MHz 196Ram system with a nexus-s FF-Card and a Airplus2
dvb-t card.

Currently I use linvdr and everything runs just fine. Recently I had a
look at a different system as vdr does not look that good in my
opinion. So I got stuck with mythbuntu and would like to use this as
my future system.

As I have a nexus-s I would like to continue to use this card as
hardware mpeg-encoder and to connect my tv-out directly to my tv.

Unfortunately I have not seen so many infos regarding the use of the
nexus-s as an mpeg-encoder in mythbuntu.

Can someone give me more detailed information on this topic and on the
current hardware setup??

With best regards,


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