[mythtv-users] Upgrading knoppmyth to ubuntu

Dennis Hand d00dtv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 17:27:23 UTC 2007

> Cecil,
Hi Mario,
> Long time no hear :)
Yes. :)
Congrats on the new release!
> At some point this cycle i'd like to have a discussion with you so we can
> actually make this a lot easier for people to go back and forth if they want.
> I'd like to sort out the bigger differences between the two so people can switch
> KP->mythbuntu and mythbuntu->KP should they want to try one or the other without
> having to lose too much. Something along the lines of having a good way to
> import a KP backup into us, and a mythbuntu backup into you :)
>>This sounds like a good idea. The framework is already there in
>>KnoppMyth. If I wanted to try something else, I'd backup KnoppMyth and
>>install XYZ (Note, one should leave /myth untouched). Once XZY is
>>installed, ensure /myth is in fstab and import the backed up database.
MythDora also has the framework for this already in place. If this is
something that the complete install distributions can agree upon, then
it shouldn't be all that hard to do. Other then database dump there
are probably some minor issues that would need to be ironed out. Cecil
you mentioned /myth and it's been a while since I've installed
KnoppMyth. Is that your main directory? If someone wants to get
something started on a distribution porting idea, I'm game.

> For posterity, perhaps we should grab some mythdora devs and get them to do the
> same :) I mean these projects are all about community efforts are they not?
>>Yes, Dennis and I usually chat over Gmail.
I actually recommended something he liked ;-). Cecil shoot me a
message if you want to go over some ideas.


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