[mythtv-users] best practices for recording scheduling

Mark A. O'Neil mark.a.oneil at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed Oct 24 13:08:14 UTC 2007


I have noticed that recordings, mostly on the CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX etc  
have either been truncating the last few minutes - with the  
frustrating result of missing the ending of the show...It inhales  
greatly when the family misses the end of a 'Heros' episode!

I am guessing that this is due to erratic (actual 'real' times vs the  
guide) scheduling on the part of the networks in question.

Short of recording +/-5 minutes and the like is there another tactic?  
The problem I have with simply recording longer is that often this  
will result in overlap of recording on my three tuners, maintenance  
of network specific recording configurations, etc, thus creating  
another set of problems....

I do use MythWeb for setting up recording schedules - could this be  
the problem (it has not in the past eg. v 0.19 - currently 0.20.x on  

Perhaps I am missing something trivial in my configuration - using  
defaults for most everything that I can think of while here at work.


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