[mythtv-users] is mythfrontend broken

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed Oct 24 08:21:11 UTC 2007

I have recently carried out some repair work on the backend set up which
seemed to have been successful. However, I am now unable to record a
programme by pre-setting it in Programme Guide. When the time comes for
the recording to start there is a lot of harddrive activity but the
recording shows a screen full of broken white lines on a black
background. It is possible to record by pressing 'R' when a programme is
running but this defeats the object of my set up. Do I need to remove
mythfrontend and start again?

Another thing that might be connected is that I have the frontend set to
run in a window so that I can leave it running but minimised. This has
always worked until the other day. Now, after watching a programme and
returning to the menu the minimise button has disappeared. The only way
to recover the situation is to go into set up, go to the screen where
the box set to run in a window is, press return, and the window is
restored. I find this quite bizarre.

Any suggestions on how to overcome the problems would be much


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