[mythtv-users] Upgrading knoppmyth to ubuntu

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 04:53:07 UTC 2007

Cecil Watson wrote:
> Nick Rout wrote:
>> knoppmyth  has been good to me but I am thinking of changing to mythbuntu
>> to get some newer versions and access to more frequent builds. All too
>> often the answer to little issues has been fixed, but not yet in
>> knoppmyth!
> Glad to know we've been good to you.  Newer versions of what?  There is 
> nothing stopping a user from installing the version of MythTV he or she 
> wants, with KnoppMyth.  All the deps are there (I included them for this 
> purpose) and there is even a script on the forum that will do this for 
> you.  We general upgrade to a newer version of MythTV when there is a 
> major reason to do so.
> Can you give any examples?  If there are issues w/ KnoppMyth, I'd like 
> to know so they can be fixed.
>> knoppmyth has all data in a separate partition (/myth).
> Which makes it easy to upgrade.
>> So a few questions:
>> 1. can i set up mythbuntu without destroying that partition?
> Don't know.  Don't see why not.
>> 2. what should I back up and how? I assume i shold be backing up my
>> database, my /etc/ directory and the contents of ~/.mythtv. Anything else?
> Backing up in KnoppMyth should backup all you need.  From the main menu, 
> KnoppMyth > Backup (or sudo mythbackup).  This will store what is needed 
> in /myth/backup.
> If you want to try something other than KnoppMyth, that is cool! 
> Options are a great things.  As we've been good to you, be good to us by 
> providing details of the issue(s) you had/have so we can fix them.
> Regards,
> Cecil
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Long time no hear :)

At some point this cycle i'd like to have a discussion with you so we can
actually make this a lot easier for people to go back and forth if they want.
I'd like to sort out the bigger differences between the two so people can switch
KP->mythbuntu and mythbuntu->KP should they want to try one or the other without
having to lose too much.  Something along the lines of having a good way to
import a KP backup into us, and a mythbuntu backup into you :)

For posterity, perhaps we should grab some mythdora devs and get them to do the
same :)  I mean these projects are all about community efforts are they not?


Mario Limonciello
mario.mailing at gmail.com

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