[mythtv-users] 401 Unauthorized - revisted

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 21 20:17:51 UTC 2007

Rodney D. Myers wrote:
> i had to rebuild my MythTV , long story.
> I have grabbed the archives & searched for an answer, but have not 
> found an answer that corrects my problem.
> I have it pretty well setup, and I have a subscription to Schedules 
> Direct, I just looked and my subscription runs out July 2008.
> I think I have MythTV setup to work with DISH Network, I can watch 
> LiveTV, record LiveTV, etc. I have followed the HowTo to get to this 
> point.
> The problem I am having, when I run mythfiilldatabase, I am getting 
> '401 Unauthorized' errors
First, make sure that you are actually using the schedules direct source 
and not data direct in your drop down menu. I am pretty sure you have it 
correct. That only leaves a bad user name or password. Log in manually 
to make sure you have it correct.

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