[mythtv-users] nuvexport Specifying Recordings Directory

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Sun Oct 21 08:29:04 UTC 2007

I am running the svn version of Myth, which has nuvexport built in. I 
wanted to be able to export dvb radio recordings as mp3. However, I 
found the dvbradioexport.pl script in contrib, which does what I want.

However, I uncovered a possible bug in the Myth Makefile. I configured 
Myth with --with-bindings-perl, but none of the perl bindings actually 
got built or installed. I had to go into bindings/perl and run make then 
make install. I can now use dvbradioexport.pl.


>> I am sure that this is obvious, but an hour or so Googling hasn't 
>> produced any answers.
>> Whenever I try to use nuvexport I get the following error:
>> Loading MythTV recording info.
>> Recordings directory /var/lib/mythtv/ doesn't exist!
>> That's quite correct because my recordings directory is in 
>> /mnt/sda3/mythtv. However, I can't find any options to tell nuvexport 
>> where my recordings directory is.
>> Specifying nuvexport --infile "/mnt/sda3/mythtv/myfile.mpg" results in 
>> the same error.
>> I have set an output directory that exists in .nuvexportrc.
>> Ian.
> Sounds like you are running an old version of nuvexport. You may have to 
> upgrade. I had to upgrade to the version in SVN before it would work for me.

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