[mythtv-users] Duplicates, from the +1 channels

Robert RobertCL at iname.com
Sat Oct 20 21:25:21 UTC 2007

Gareth Glaccum wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone else (UK DVB-T) having issues with duplicates from the 
> irritating +1 channels? I have all channels in my list, using the 
> over-the-air EPG and am getting two copies of a lot of programs due to 
> the +1 channels. This isn't a major issue in a lot of cases, deleting a 
> copy is only a second's job, but there are cases where this is causing 
> other programs to not schedule because a duplicate is being recorded.
> In some cases, it can be explained by the fact that on the +1 channels, 
> the descriptions are different, but many times it is not the case.
> As an example (this was happening before the channels changed names as 
> well, considering a re-scan tomorrow), possible conflicts with 
> 'Coupling', Monday Oct 22. 2:20 AM. In this instance the conflict is 
> 'The X Factor', but this wasn't the case until I changed the priorities. 
> All schedules are 'Record on any channel' but the scheduler does not 
> appear to be considering the two as duplicates.
> Holby City: Bitter From the Sweet 
> <> 	1 - BBC ONE 
> <>
> QI <> 	12 - UKTV 
> History <>
> The X Factor <> 	6 
> - ITV2 <>
> The X Factor <> 	31 
> - ITV2 +1 <>

You can change the way Myth matches duplicates in the recording 
schedule.  I think the default is title + subtitle + description.  I 
change this to title + subtitle for some schedules to get round a 
similar problem where the same program is repeated with slightly 
different descriptions.

Of course it relies on shows having their subtitle set, which some dont. 
  Oh for a decent source of consistent listing data (in the UK). 
Radiotimes does a have decent job (considering it's free), but it their 
data could be more consistent.


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