[mythtv-users] killing backend

norman norman at littletank.org
Sat Oct 20 07:43:01 UTC 2007

> > I have not been able to solve a problem I have regarding unwanted hd
> > activity resulting from some malfunction associated with the backend.
> > The rattling away by the hd for 5 minutes every half hour is driving me
> > nuts and the only way I can think of, to stop me tearing my last few
> > hairs out, is to stop Mythtv working all together. So, please help me,
> > how do I stop Mythtv working?
> Log in as root or as the user who owns the mythbackend process and do this:
> kill -TERM `ps ax |grep mythbackend |grep -v grep |cut -b 1-6`
> (Note: Those are backticks, not quotation marks)
> This will kill any process with the word 'mythbackend' in it.

Thank you very much.


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