[mythtv-users] 64-bit Ubuntu 7.10/Mythtv

Scott Pleavin scott.pleavin at rogers.com
Fri Oct 19 20:13:20 UTC 2007

I got the green-pink lines when I upgraded to the latest NVIDIA driver 
this week.


Jonathan Rogers wrote:
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> Josh White wrote:
>> For some reason, I can play a DVD just fine using VLC, but I cannot do it
>> with MythDVD.  I believe I can also play the DVD with mplayer (I am away
>> from my machine right now, or I would test that belief before stating it).
>> I have not changed any of the default MythDVD settings as far as player
>> options are concerned (I believe the player setting is set to "internal").
>> When I try to watch Live TV from my backend, I get clean audio with
>> pink/green squiggly horizontal lines (typically a video codec problem).
>> Livetv works fine on my Frontend/Backend machine (running Ubuntu
>> 7.10i386).  I had problems viewing .mp4 and .avi files (I'm not
>> exactly sure
>> what codec they are using, I'm not sure where the .avi's were created, but
>> the .mp4 files were created no the same machine when it was running Ubuntu
>> 7.04 i386).  I hope this stirs the pot enough to generate some more ideas;
>> it has me throughly confused.
> In my experience, media players such as mplayer, xine, and MythTV will
> either refuse to play a file entirely or show no video in the case of a
> missing or malfunctioning codec. I don't think "pink/green squiggly
> horizontal lines" are typically a software codec problem.
> However, I think you might have a video driver problem. I have Gutsy
> (Ubuntu 7.10) running on two machines. My desktop machine has an Nvidia
> 7900GS based PCIe card an I'm using Nvidia's driver version 100.14.19
> from Ubuntu's nvidia-glx-new package. I see green and pink squiggly
> lines in a video window at seemingly random times. Whenever I do see
> that, I can get the video to show up by switching to a different virtual
> console and back without even restarting playback, so I'm guessing it's
> a video memory management bug. I think I've only seen this behavior in
> fairly recent versions of the Nvidia driver, but it didn't surprise me
> much, since I'd seen many odd bugs in previous Nvidia drivers. Playing
> video isn't as important on that system as my MythTV one, so I haven't
> tried to figure out how to fix it.
> I also just upgraded my MythTV system to Gutsy and had a couple of
> entirely different video driver problems, though they're resolved now.
> That machine has a Radeon 9600 and the Xorg driver.
> So, you might want to try using a different driver or different version
> and see if the problem persists.
> Jonathan Rogers
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