[mythtv-users] Best Motherboard for Front End HD Entertainment

Matthew Dansereau matthew at dansereau.com
Fri Oct 19 17:25:34 UTC 2007


Many PC's are too bulkey / Noisy for the Living Room

I have seen a few posts about Low profile cases, etc.
I haven't seen any posts on the best Mother Boards all in one / chipset /
firewire, etc.

I am looking for a good motherboard that has most of the compatible
components with Linux.

Firewire is very important.  I belive that a lot of AV will be leaning on
IEEE.  I have heard rumors that the IEEE ports are enabled on a few cable
boxes including Comcast's.

Small cases are great & all but if the MB that is integrated doesn't have
enough features you run out of room fast.
Colling / Fans are another issue.

I would even consider (heaven forbid) using a Dell 270/620 etc.
I'm not really set on anything at this point but towers just seem to be
overkill & pretty ugly in a living room.

I would consider a single backend with raid and 4-10 tuners (and store out
of site) and then front ends / thin clients at every tv eventually.

I'm thinking short term it is probably better to find a Linux/mythtv-HD
friendly motherboard.  USB QAM tuners seem to be one way to deal with lack
of add-on-card-space.

Any Idea's urls etc?  Remember, I'm mainly asking about motherboards.

Thanks everyone!
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