[mythtv-users] How To Force A Specific Channel to Record Only From a Specific Tuner?

Donald J. Maddox dmaddox099 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 00:18:24 UTC 2007

Is this possible?

I usually use the firewire output of my DCT-6200 for recording 
everything, since I am lucky enough to live in an area where almost all 
the channels are clear on the firewire - but some, obviously, are not, 
such as HBO and other services that I subscribe to.  I can use the 
S-video connection on my pcHDTV-5500 to record the channels that are 
5Ced on the firewire, but there is a problem...  The lineup for my cable 
company is assigned to the firewire tuner, and the same lineup is 
assigned to the S-video input of the 5500.  The FW has a higher priority 
than the S-video because that is the preferred tuner for most channels.

If I could delete the 5Ced channels from the lineup on the FW, and add 
them to the S-video source only, that would solve my problem - but it 
doesn't seem to be possible to delete individual channels from a 
lineup.  I can go to the channel editor and change the lineup that a 
channel belongs to, and that works temporarily, but it always gets reset 
back to the way it was, presumably when mythfilldatabase runs.

Anyone know how to make this work?

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