[mythtv-users] MythTV media server on PS3

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Oct 17 23:55:18 UTC 2007

Josh White wrote:
> it can play a blue-ray disc...not sure of what it can do under yellowdog
> though...it would be a shame if linux crippled it's hd output.

Linux doesn't cripple the video H/W, Sony does.

It can play a BR disk, but only under the Sony game OS, the drive is
only seen as a DVD drive under Linux.

Linux can't access the accelerated features of the video hardware, you
can only access it as a frame buffer device.

I have been able to play the HD version of Elephant's Dream using
mplayer, the CPUs are fast enough to do that, even without accelerated
video. Both main cores sit  at about 60% when doing this.

If you happen to have a ps3 hanging around you might be able to get a
Myth F/E running on it, but I certainly wouldn't buy a ps3 for the
purpose, as there are less expensive alternatives that draw a lot less

I have used my ps3 to transcode video files, it's faster than my FX60.

One limitation of the ps3 is the 256MB non-expandable RAM.


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