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>   10. ATI video card, which one? (Chris Ribe)

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> I am going to buy an ATI video card today to go in a currently disused
> frontend/slave backend, but I know next to nothing about their range of
> cards.   It needs to be PCIe and it will be driving a monitor via a DVI
> connection (@1080x540).
> Thanks,
>    Chris

The docs that ATI released cover the R500 and R600 series chips, so
you're going to be looking for at least a Radeon 1000, or 2000 series
card. You can probably find a decent 1650 card for under $100, but I
would suggest one of the newer 2600 series cards for maximum return on

There is some good info here
although it is geared towards gaming it should help you decide what
level of performance to shoot for.

I was able to get DVI output working just fine in KDE with a version
or two back of the binary blob drivers from ATI, on a 1950XT card. 3D
performace was great although there were some texture issues at times.

Hope that helps,

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