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Marc drayson at net1plus.com
Tue Oct 16 03:40:48 UTC 2007

> Sounds good.  How are the FX 5500 series cards for the job?  I've come
> across some very good deals on those cards...
> Tim
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> Timothy M. Admire
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> Timothy M. Admire wrote:
> > So would the recommendation be to pickup a PVR150 and a cheap GeForce
> 4 for
> > decoding?
> >
> On the 'in-bound' side you need hardware encoding..which means
> something
> like the 150. But unless you really cannot afford the extra cost, grab
> a
> PVR500...equals 2 PVR150's on one card.
> On the out-bound side, you need hardware decoding. Do not go for a 4,
> get a 6000 series card, such as a 6200. The price will not be much
> more,
> but the capabilities are much better, including XvMC. There are a few
> 7300 version nvidia cards which are passively cooled but you don't get
> much more in the way of capabilities, and the heat load is much larger.
> Basically all of the 6000 series are passively cooled, so htere is ne
> extra fan noise.
> (and please don't top post without editing things..)
> Geoff
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If you want a FX 5000 series go with the 5700LE. I have had no issues with
it even with HTDV. But like Geoff said, the 6000 series is good too and you
can usually find them for less than the 5000's on ebay.
Most of the 6000's can be found with passive cooling, thou usually you can
only find the fan cooled ones. But suck it up and find one that is passive
and you have just gotten good output as well as silent operation


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