[mythtv-users] PLEASE HELP- Two problems with my mythbox mythdora4.0 & Leadtek Winfast DTV2000 H

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Oct 13 21:33:49 UTC 2007

doug brann wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have MythDora4.0 running nearly perfectly from a clean install. Two
> problems remain:
> 1. I can't seem to tune into analog tv. My Leadtek Winfast DTV2000 H is
> a dual analogue/digital card. In mythsetup
> I have analog configured:
> Card type: Analog V4L capture card
> Video device: /dev/video0
> VBI Device: /dev/vbi
> audio device: /dev/dsp
> audio sampling: none
> Default Television input: Television (no other options come up)
> Probed info: Winfast DTV 2000H [cx8800]
> I have the digital part configured:
> Card type: DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)
> DVB Card number: 0
> everything else set to default
> Ok, so when I scan for channels, I get all the digital ones, and all the
> analogue ones, but when I run mythtv, I can only tune to the digital
> ones. My remote (I use an ATI Remote Wonder, rather than the one that
> came with the card) skips past the analogue channels like they aren't
> there. I even tried kdetv to see if I had gotten something wrong with my
> mythsetup. It too found all the channels, but when I tuned to them, all
> I got was a blank screen. Could it be that I need to switch between
> digital and analogue somehow?
> My other problem is when I'm watching .avi files, my forward/backup keys
> don't work (pause and play do though). All the buttons work fine when
> watching a DVD, digital TV and ripped DVDs, but not when watching .avi
> files.
> Any ideas?

I'm not familiar with that card, but other cards with dual personalities
(HD-3000 for example) can only operate in one mode at a time.

Basically you have to pick one or the other. You would have to figure
out some way to unload one set of modules/drivers, load the other. and
then set up the capture cards again.

It's possible this is not true of this card, but I'd check into it.


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