[mythtv-users] Old recordings not playing

Jeremy Baker jab at muskokatech.ca
Fri Oct 12 23:52:14 UTC 2007

I have recently done a complete mythtv infrastructure upgrade and expansion.  
I had been using an old pc with a pvr350 running fc3 and myth 0.19.  I built 
a new myth master backend using fc7, pvr150 and myth 0.20.2, and copied all 
the recordings over.  I tried several approaches to getting the mysql data 
about prior recordings over.  First I followed some instructions on the wiki 
for migrating to new hardware, but I got errors trying to import the mysql 
dump into the new database probably because the structure had changed.  
Eventually, I dumped the existing database, created a new one on the new 
master, and imported the old database dump prior to running mythtv-setup, 
which then updated the schema.  So far so good.  Completed the setup of the 
new backend and let it start making recordings.  At this point I noticed that 
the new backend thought that the first encoder existed on the old backend, 
but that is wasn't available.  It wasn't attempting to use it, so I wasn't 
concerned.  I let the new backend make some recordings, and verified that 
they could be viewed buy running the frontend on the same pc.  I also 
verified that I could view the older recordings I had copied from the old 
backend.  Everything seemed to be working, so I took the old backend offline.

The next phase of my project was to implement a slave backend/frontend for 
viewing my shows and buffering live tv.  I built it on fc7, a pvr 150 and 
myth 0.20.2 as well, and tried it out.  I thought it was working great until 
I tried to watch an old recording that had been made on the old backend.  The 
screen goes blank like it is trying to play it, but then goes back to the 
listing of available recordings.  The preview of the recording works fine, 
and recordings made on the new backend play fine as well.  I can't see any 
difference in the actual mpg files in the recording directory.

So to summarize, here are my 2 problems:

My new systems seem to think that my old backend still exists and have it 
listed as encoder 1.  Encoder 2 is on the master backend, and encoder 3 is on 
the slave backend/frontend.

I can't watch the old recordings on the remote frontend, even though the 
preview works.  I can however watch any of the new recordings made with the 
new master backend.  The new master backend can watch any recordings if I run 
the frontend on it.

Sorry for the long email, but I am puzzled and in danger of losing waf on this 
real soon. 
Jeremy Baker <jab at muskokatech.ca>
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