[mythtv-users] Controlling a DirecTV D12-300 box with MyBlaster

JCA 1.41421 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 20:18:12 UTC 2007

       Thanks so much for your feedback. See my comments below.

> JCA wrote:
>>     Has anybody managed to control a DirecTV D12-300 box with
>> MyBlaster? I tried to get MyBlaster to recognize it, but to no avail.
>> The DirecTV people tell me that the IR code used for this box is the
>> equivalent of S1377 on many universal type remotes, but I have no clue
>> how to get MyBlaster to broadcast IR signals with that code, or even
>> if it can.
>>    Any help will be most appreciated.
> The author of the control script,post here most days.. I am sure he can
> tell you what to do.. I will try to help as best as i can..
>  Did you run  CodeSearch.pl ? If not that is the place you need to start...

    I did run CodeSearch.pl all right. It cycled over all the codes it
knows about, without any success. I actually got MyBlaster to work
with two different boxes: A Hughes box, with my original TV provider,
and then one from Dish Network. I had to ditch Dish for DirecTV,
because the former do not carry PBS Sprout, which is pretty much all
we are watching these days, for my 3 year old daughter monopolizes or
TV set :-)

> If that works and shuts down your box then the script should
> control your box...

   CodeSearch.pl never managed to shut down my D12 box.

> There is a few things that have to be changed in the MyBlaster script also..You
> must make sure you have the right serial port defined(it defaults to com2)...

   OK, done that.

> Also place the code, that code search finds in the place where you find
> this:$remote_code="277";  277 is my code for the 3250hd you would change
> this value to what the search finds...  you also need to change the
> device type:  Look for  $Device_Type="1"; for you change the 1 to a 3...
> You also have to chmod them to 755...This allows them to execute...
> Hope i didn't confuse you...

   Of course not; your advice is sound all right. Alas, my problem is
elsewhere :-(

> I am sure the author can fix any errors...Good luck

   Well, I would have thought it is a matter of getting MyBlaster to
issue the right code. I wish I knew how to do that.

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