[mythtv-users] Second pcHDTV card does not "open" or cannot be seen by MythTV

MythTV mythtv at assuredsolutions.com
Fri Oct 12 06:29:23 UTC 2007

I purchased a second pcHDTV card for my MythTV box.  I installed the  
card and followed the instructions at:

It says:
For capture cards you will want to create one card config. Change the  
type until it says "DVB", at that point it should show the name of  
the card, "pcHDTV...". If you have multiple DVB cards you need to  
change the device, to the one for the newest card. For pcHDTV cards  
an "Analog Options" button will be present, click this if you wish to  
use the analog portion of the card. If you have multiple V4L cards,  
you will need to change the devices to the one matching the current  
pcHDTV card.

My Capture Card Setup is:
Card type: DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)
For DVB Card Number 0, the Frontend ID is "DViCO v2 or Air2PC v3 or  
pcHDTV HD-5500" and Subtype is "ATSC".
For DVB Card Number 1, the Frontend ID is "Could not open card #1"  
and Subtype is "No such file or directory".
For DVB Card Number 2, the Frontend ID is "Could not open card #2"  
and Subtype is "No such file or directory".
For DVB Card Number 3, the Frontend ID is "Could not open card #3"  
and Subtype is "No such file or directory".

I found one thread that suggested I set the permissions to 777 on  
the /dev and /dev/dvb directory because I don't run as root.  This  
did not solve my problem.

My questions are:
How do I know which card ID is the newest?  (I assume the  
instructions above are asking for the newest card ID.)
Subtype say "No such file or directory" but I don't remember creating  
a directory for the first card; is there a directory I'm suppose to  
create for the second pcHDTV card?
I haven't installed any other drivers.  I understand that the drivers  
are already built in for this card.  Right?
Any one have suggestions for me?

My configuration is:
MythTV version: 0.20.20070821-1.
Installed in December 2006 on Fedora Core 6 following Jerod's guide.
Kernel version: 2.6.20-1.2944.fc6.i686
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.2GHz Socket 775 800 FSB w/Hyper Threading  
Memory: 1Gig DDR 333 Memory 180 Pin
Motherboard: ASRock 775i65G Mother Board
Optical Drive: LG 18X DVD RW + Dual Layer
Hard Drive: 2 Western Digital 250GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA in a  
LVD 450 Gig volume
Video onboard: Integrated SiS Ultra256 2D/3D Graphics
Video card: Micro-star International (MSI) AGP GeForce FX5200-
TD128LF, 8X, 128M, DDR1, D-Sub, DVI-D, TV-out
Audio onboard: AUDIO ADI AD1888 6-channel audio CODEC
Audio card: Riviera C-Media CMI 8738 (Connected to my entertainment  
center via the optical cable)
Network Card: Onboard 10/100 Network Card
Tuner card: 2 pcHDTV HD-5500 cards (same Rev)

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