[mythtv-users] WakeOnAlarm: Searching for the cause of failure

Peter Carlsson maillist.peter at home.se
Thu Oct 11 16:01:56 UTC 2007

I want to apologize, but this mail was sent with wrong subject line
since I replied to a maillist digest.

Paul H wrote:

> Here's a few things I've found myself or have heard from other people.

> Many BIOS require a reboot before they actually set the wakeup time.
> If you just set the time in the BIOS and then shutdown it doesn't
> work. You need to set the time in the BIOS then do a reboot then
> shutdown again before things work properly. Also pay attention to
> what Craig said about /etc/init.d/halt screwing things up by writing
> the time back to the RTC when shutting down which causes some BIOS
> to reset the wakeup time that has caught me out as well.

OK, this might sound a little stupid, but could you explain the
steps for this reboot/shutdown steps. If I understand correctly
I should:

- (Re)boot the computer
- Enter the BIOS settings
- Set the Wake-On-Alarm date/time
- Save the changes
- Exit the BIOS settings
- Let the computer reboot to the login prompt
- Login as root
- Issue the poweroff command

If this is the correct steps, then I have tried that without success.

For the things Craig said about /etc/init.d/halt I will have another
look, but I believe I tried that as well.

> Some BIOS require you to set something in addition to the wake on RTC
> setting like wake on PME or wake up on PCI before they will work. I've
> seen this when trying to get WOL working but it could apply to wake on
> RTC as well I guess.

The "PME Event Wake Up" is enabled. I also have "ACPI Suspend Type" set
to "S1 (POS)" but could be changed to "S3 (STR)".

> It could also be that your power supply can't supply enough power when
> in standby. Many USB devices, keyboard, mice, PCI cards etc require a
> small amount of power when in standby. One of my motherboards requires
> at least 1Amp on the +5VSB lead. If you have a lot of PCI cards or USB
> devices attached it could just be pushing your power supply over the
> limit. Although you said WOL was working so that's probably not the
> problem.

The power supply is a Seasonic S12 430W and I only have the PVR-150
PCI card and the LCD on my Silverstone LC03V.

Thanks for the info.

Best regards,
Peter Carlsson

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