[mythtv-users] this might be a dumb question

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Tue Oct 9 23:21:10 UTC 2007

> > Personally, though, I don't understand the idea.  After all, you can
> > only listen to one and--if it's really worth watching--why not watch
> > it?  And, before you say, "Commercials," Myth is a PVR, so why even
> I take it you don't watch much sports.  This is a perfect feature for
> Football Sunday, when 2 games (or if you DirecTV Sunday Ticket, even
> more games) are on simultaneously, and you want to watch both.  Ditto
> for college football.

When I only had my HDDirecTivo and Sunday Ticket I would switch back and
forth with the dual live buffers, but since adding mythtv last year I now
record each game that I want to see (and go for a bike ride/ski). 3 local
OTA + SNF on the mythbox and 2-3 out of market on the Tivo. Then I zip
through each one individually in under 90 minutes (snap-tackle-skip,
snap-tackle-skip). The hardest thing is avoiding other sources of sports
scores until I am done watching 6-7 games by midnight Sunday. But I am
getting my $uperfan money's worth!

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