[mythtv-users] Live TV auto switch tuners

rghetta birrachiara at tin.it
Tue Oct 9 06:42:30 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> I don't use LiveTV at all, but I really didn't think Myth would just
> switch inputs/cards because of channel up/down buttons.  If you mean
> that Myth will automatically switch inputs as required if you use the
> EPG to change the channel, that's definitely true.
> The problem here is that the user (the "W" in WAF, it seems) is
> surfing.  She should be using the EPG to see what's on and changing
> channels through there.  If you don't like hitting the "change to this
> channel" button ('x'?), you can change it to use select with:
> Use select to change the channel in the program guide
> If enabled, the Select key will change the channel while using the
> program guide during live TV.  If disabled, the select key will bring up
> the recording options screen.
> and, possibly:
> Record Threshold
> If the option to use Select to change the channel is on, pressing Select
> on a show that is at least this many minutes into the future will
> schedule a recording.

Good, but only if guide data is available for *all* channels, otherwise 
calling up the EPG only to switch channels is too cumbersome.
Here in Italy guide data is only available for some state-wide 
broadcasters, all minor or regional ones are unlisted.
Surfing (or a local newspaper) is the only way to know what these 
stations are airing.
Big broadcasters have also DVB-T transmitters, while smaller ones are 
analog. My mythbox thus has two cards, with some channels (mostly 
without EPG data) only available on analog.
Being able to cycle over all channels would be a definite improvement, 
at least for me.
A related problem is card switching time. While channel switching is 
reasonably fast, changing card is hovering around ten seconds...
As many (most ?) mythtv users I'm using myth just as a super PVR, and 
only for the channels that have EPG data.
Otherwise, myth is almost unusable.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love myth, and use it almost 
continuously, but livetv is a bit undeveloped, imho.


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