[mythtv-users] OT: Size (MB) of Samsung HD501LJ drive?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Oct 9 03:19:22 UTC 2007

Dean Harding wrote:
> Michael Heironimus wrote:
>> You need another multiplier in there to make it come out right.
>> 465.76G * 1024M/G * 1024k/M * 1024b/k = 500105991946 bytes
> It's kind of annoying that as drives get bigger and bigger, the size the 
> manufacturer reports gets further and further from the size the 
> operating system reports i.e. every order of magnitude takes it further 
> apart -- 1000GB drives are becoming common now, but the OS reports a 1TB 
> drive as 0.91TB; a discrepancy of 10%!

Certainly nothing new:

No "56K" modem can hit that speed, even theoretically due to telco level
restrictions, and it comes somewhere close only in one direction, and
only if it's talking to a digital interface, not a modem like itself.

No "54 Mbps" 802.11 link can ever hit that speed, and certainly no "108"
unit can come close to that.

SATA 300 drives are NOT faster than SATA 150 units (at least not today),
in fact some of the latter are faster than any of the former.

No "GigaBit" ethernet link can run at that speed.

No "420 Mhz." USB 2.0 link will ever transfer data in a sustained way at
anywhere close to that speed. A firewire link, rated at 400, is actually
faster than the "420" USB link, but still can't sustain the advertised rate.

No "6-hour battery" laptop will ever run for that length of time on a
single charge, at least not if it's doing anything but idling with the
CPU throttled and the HDD spun down.

No "20-mile" range GPRS radio will ever achieve that range, unless
perhaps it's straight up.

Face it folks, we are lied to all the time by the marketers, it's just
up to us to know what we are buying.

And your "300 Horsepower" car might deliver almost half of that to the
road surface.

And of course, where do you think "YMMV" comes from ?


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