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Xi Jiarong XiJiarong at sp.edu.sg
Tue Oct 9 01:51:04 UTC 2007

But, are there any other ways can solve this problem then?
it seems not so easy to solve this problem! another application would
separated from MythTV now.



On 10/08/2007 04:01 AM, Xi Jiarong wrote:
>> I have a problem about MythTV and remote control:
>> My Mythtv and remote control work properlly together now.
>> However when I open other application or windows when Mythtv is
>> then didn't let the mythtv ui as be the frontend focused UI, but I found
>> Mythtv UI would still be controlled by remote control even it is not on
>> front as been focused.

>Yep.  LIRC has no concept of Window focus because LIRC is often used for
>things that have no windows to focus (i.e. my Internet radio script).
>Instead LIRC /always/ sends command strings as specified in the LIRC
>configuration file (typically ~/.lircrc) to /all/ clients.  It is
>completely up to the client to determine whether or not the action
>should be performed at the time.

>When MythTV starts another application, it stops listening to LIRC
>commands until the other application exits.  If you start an application
>on your own, Myth has no way of knowing it should ignore the LIRC

>> How to solve this problem so that let Remote control not to control
>> UI when I use remote cotrol for other application which is the current
>> frontend focused window?

>Start the other application through MythTV (look at the EXECTV examples
>in /usr/{,local/}share/mythtv/tvmenu.xml and note that there is an EXEC
>equivalent for when you start an application that doesn't need a capture

>The only other option is to use LIRC modes (
>http://lirc.org/html/configure.html#lircrc_format ), but this approach
>requires a lot of setup (possibly with redundant configuration
>information--depending on how you want your modes to work), requires
>synchronizing the "current" mode for all applications (
>http://lirc.org/html/lircrcd.html ), as well as UI issues (having to
>devote buttons specifically to entering and exiting modes and/or having
>to remember which mode you're in).  In other words, you probably don't
>want to do it (I know I don't, and I actually did it once just to verify).


Best Regards!

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