[mythtv-users] DVDs that wont play

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Mon Oct 8 01:51:54 UTC 2007

On Sunday 07 October 2007 17:11:16 Mike Choy wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Thought I would start a thread on some of the DVDs I am starting to have
> a problem playing (internal player), probably due to copy protection
> "Curse of the Golden Flower", Region 2 UK -  seems to be a problem
> related to Arcos copy protection, real dvd players ignore corrupt
> sectors, but software ones will not and spend all ages trying to do
> error correction.

This is a shot-in-the-dark suggestion (I've not tried it), but you might try 
copying the DVD to your hard disk using the "dd" command and 
its "conv=noerror" option. For instance:

dd if=/dev/dvd of=dvdimage.iso conv=noerror

This will create a disk-based copy of the DVD. The "conv=noerror" option is 
supposed to let dd continue with the copy operation in case of errors. It's 
possible it'll take a while to read the DVD because of the errors, but with 
any luck your disk-based copy will then be playable. I can make no promises 
this will work, though; it's conceivable the copy will fail to play.

Depending on where the bad sectors are, it's conceivable that MythDVD's "rip 
DVD" option will also work. If the bad sectors are in the menus, you should 
be able to extract the feature track and play it. If the bad sectors are in 
the feature track, though, I'd expect MythDVD's "rip DVD" function to fail.

Rod Smith

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