[mythtv-users] Fast Forward Works Then Stops

Gregory K. Ruiz-Ade gkade at unnerving.org
Sun Oct 7 20:32:19 UTC 2007

On Oct 7, 2007, at 9:07 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> I'd recommend starting with an optimize_mythdb.pl, then following up
> with mythtranscode --buildindex on an affected recording (see the
> archives for example command lines).  Much easier than transcoding and
> may actually fix the issues.

Well, this seemed to clear up the issue perfectly on two recordings I  
tested it with.

I used:

mythtranscode --mpeg2 --infile <recording_file> --buildindex -- 

Would it be recommended to do this automatically on every recording?  
(And, is there a document that would guide me in doing this (maybe as  
a user job?) since I'm a total myth newbie?)

Also, is there a simple way to determine file on disk from the UI?   
So far, it's a little tedious sleuthing the file name that  
corresponds to a recording.



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