[mythtv-users] GeForce 6150 and 1080i Component Output Overscan Frustration

Dale d-larson at wi.rr.com
Sun Oct 7 19:28:46 UTC 2007

Hi Craig,

This ended up working pretty well for me. It also helped a lot to pull in
my overscan for 1080i using the Service Mode.



>> Has anyone had success getting the GeForce component output to bend to your
>> will? Any tips or help?
>> Dale
>I have the exact same TV, which I use with a GeForce 6XXX series card
>(can't remember which one, and am too comfortable at the moment to go
>check.)    I was never able to adjust the nvidia card to get the
>overscan fixed at 1080i, and even went in and mucked with the advanced
>setup on my TV itself to try to reduce the overscan.    The workaround I
>found was going into setup -> Appearance in mythtv and then use the GUI
>adjustment settings to adjust the GUI on the screen, so the GUI was
>filling the visible space of the tv.  (uses the GUI size, and GUI
>offset settings.)    Then I checked the box to tell it to use the GUI
>size for TV playback.  That will get the GUI centered in the viewable
>area, and make sure the programs are displayed as well.   Then I set the
>desktop background on the machine to be black, so there is no bleeding
>of light from the overscan'd areas that aren't visible.  Its not a
>perfect solution, but it works fairly well.
>Am using GuiWidth 1705, GuiHeight 1012, GuioffsetX 114, guioffsety 44.
>Those settings might vary as your tv's overscan might be tuned
>differently then mine, but it might be a starting point.
>Best of Luck,

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