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I believe the atrpms.net is back up now.  Good luck with your update!



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Excellent.  Exactly what I needed.  I'd seen that Schedules Direct had taken
over but was uncertain as to how to make the changes.  I understand I need
to upgrade and then go into the setup and select Schedules Direct on the
pull down.  

Since my post, I've also seen many posts indicating that the update server
is down.  I guess I'll have to wait, but at least I know the proper path.  

I'll check my versions but I'm certain I need an upgrade to get the
Schedules Direct option.  

Thank you very much.  

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NoName Anonymous wrote:
> I built a MythTV box about three months using 
> http://wilsonet.com/mythtv.  Excellent document.  I have an NVidia 
> 6600 card and the FC graphical install wouldn't recognize it forcing a 
> text install.  I had the unit up and working properly, for the most 
> part, and my mother board fried.  I got a new one in the mail on Friday. 
> I read about the Zap2It debacle.  Not a big deal to me, regardless of 
> the solution, however I'm a bit uncertain (after being "away" for a 
> month waiting for a MoBo) as to the current status.  It appears I'm 
> not getting guide data so I assume they did indeed shut down.  What is 
> the preferred upgrade strategy? 
> I tried to do a "yum -y upgrade mythtv-suite", as suggested in the 
> Wilson documents.  It gets to "Setting up repositories" and pauses.  
> Then it comes back and says: 
> http://dl.atrpms.net/fc6-i386/atrpms/stable/repodata/repomd.xml: 
> [errno 12] Time out:
> The Wilson document doesn't seem to be have been updated to reflect 
> this.  I've looked in the Wiki but can't find references to Zap2It or 
> Program Guide in the TOC. 
> Is "upgrading" the proper first step? 
> How can I determine my "current" level of MythTV? 
> Thank you for any help. 

For one, just check the archives and you will see that 
schedulesdirect.org took over where zap2it labs left off.  You need the 
0.20.2 version of mythtv in order to use schedulesdirect, though.  So, 
yes, you will want to make sure you are relatively current with your 
RPMS if you followed that guide.

In another thread on the list over the past day, there has been some 
discussion about the ATrpms site being down.  I believe it is still 
down, which is causing your "time out" error.  The only alternative is 
to update the yum configuration to point at one of the few ATrpms mirrors.

To see what version you are running, run
mythbackend --version
mythfrontend --version

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