[mythtv-users] mpeg2 playback quality captured with PVR-150

Chandi Bernier Chandi.Bernier at Usherbrooke.ca
Sat Oct 6 00:29:09 UTC 2007


Is there a signal booster in the PVR-150? The signal level is perfect in my
TV which only is a splitter away from the PVR. But it only does the bars on
2 channels out of 25. 

What scares me the most is the pixelisation and other artifacts.

You were right. I've got some messages in the dmesg.

>ivtv0: All encoder MPEG stream buffers are full. Dropping data.
>ivtv0: Cause: the application is not reading fast enough.

Could that be the cause?

Brian : What settings are you using ? deinterlace ? decoder? Bitrate ?

I'll try to play a good looking mpeg with my setup to see if the quality is

I've played a PVR-150 captured mpeg on my laptop computer running windows
and it was alright. Not great but it did not look as bad as on my TV. 

On the 26" TV, the artefacts are very noticeable when I'm watching it from a
6-foot distance.

Thanks guys,


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On 10/5/07, Chandi Bernier <burni13 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a bad quality when watching stuff recorded from my PVR-150.
> On some channels I've got diagonal lines but that seems to come from my
> cable signal which would be too low for the capture card.
> But on all channels, the picture is not as sharp as regular TV and has a
> of artifacts. Those are mostly moire (colors appearing where there
> be), the picture is a little bit flickering and solid colors are not solid
> anymore, we can see noise on them.
> I've been trying many different configs today but none of them was
> acceptable enough to watch live TV.
> My display resolution is 640x480 through DVI but I've also tried 1280x720,
> 720x480. My TV is an HDTV CRT from toshiba (26HF85C)
> I've adjusted the capture resolution to 640x480 but it doesn't seem to
> a difference.
> The bitrate is 7500/9000 but that also doesn't really make a difference.
Although this may not cause you problems this is a high bitrate for SD
video at this resolution. Do you get any errors in your dmesg output?
Perhaps the bitrate is too high for your system to keep up with the



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