[mythtv-users] Fix for problems with making VLC go fullscreen w. Compiz

Joe Auty joe at netmusician.org
Fri Oct 5 23:28:54 UTC 2007


A fairly well known fix that allows you to go full screen in MythTV
while you are running Compiz is copying mythfrontend to mythfrontend.2
and running:

metacity --replace &
compiz --replace &

To run VLC at full screen as well, in your player settings set the
default player to:

compiz --replace&vlc file://%s vlc:quit;metacity --replace &

I hope that eventually MythTV and Compiz/Beryl work a little better
together so that these sorts of strategies aren't necessary...

I hope this is useful to somebody out there!

Joe Auty
NetMusician: web publishing software for musicians
joe at netmusician.org

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