[mythtv-users] Got my Firewire tuner back!

Daniel Arfsten darfsten at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 5 12:08:45 UTC 2007

While I was looking around the 'Net some more about this, I saw
posts that queried the database for the channel information.  So
thought I'd try it and post the results.  I went thru my setup,
all of my channels, unchecked the "Unencrypted Only" option, and
rescanned.  Now I get alot more channels, but they still have
names like
"Unknown17#0", etc.  I ran mythfilldatabase and I do have
information for some of them in the guide, but they still have
the wacky
names and no xmltvid's.

So, I ran the following mysql command: 'SELECT
FROM `channel` WHERE `sourceid` = '1'; , producing the following
(I'm only showing 1 channel here):

| 2182 | 118#2 | 118 | UNKNOWN118#2 | <blank> | Default | 110 |
1 | 0 | 0 |

I can't find any information anywhere that allows me to figure
out how
to match up the channel information there to an xmltvid that I
can get
from SchedulesDirect (in my lineup).

Can someone shed some light on this for me?

Well, if you set up sources from SD, than you don't need to do a channel 
scan. You should be just using "retrieve channels from lineup" or something 
to that affect within mythtv-setup. that's if you're doing 1 lineup and 
muliple sources. there's a wiki on it. I do this for my pvr-350 and firewire 
setup. you just have to make sure you run mythfilldatabase with 
--remove-new-channels and it should work, it works for me. there's a bug 
though that doesn't always rertrieve the lineup listing for inputs that 
don't have tuners which that means can't scan, you have to unassociate the 
input from the source, then tell it to retrieve lineup which then it will 
populate the field that says to pick a channel for mythtv to start on. it's 
hard to explain but the wiki I beleive describes. it's the wiki on cached 
listings support.

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