[mythtv-users] Network execs added 1 minute to program length

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 20:43:56 UTC 2007

On 10/4/07, jedi at mishnet.org <jedi at mishnet.org> wrote:
> >> That's a dumb assumption.
> >
> > No more dumb than your own.
> >
> >> A big portion of the recording is going to be immediately discarded
> >> (commercials) to begin with. Plus the beginning and end are very likely
> >> disposable (the credits).
> >>
> >> Depending on the show, lopping off the first or last minute or 5 might
> >> not be any problem at all. Or it might be preferable to missing it.
> >>
> >> Manually managing exceptions is contrary to the whole point of a PVR.
> >
> > All you're doing is inverting the exception.  If Myth were changed to
> > your liking, all those that *don't* want their recordings clipped
> > would have to fix their schedules to prevent it from happening.
>    No. They would just have to unconfigure it.
>    Alternately, the default could be setup either way. It doesn't
>    really matter. If a rule is definable then you avoid the problem
>    of manually dealing with exceptions.
> >
> > So, the question then becomes:  why are you right and Myth is wrong?
>    An end user just had a problem.
>    That's THE ultimate reason when it comes to software.
> >
> > Now, speaking for myself, I explicitely *don't* want Myth clipping my
> > recordings.  It would appear the devs take a similar stance.
>    It's software, not hard coded NAND gates or vacuum tubes.

I'm still not really following why you are still seem to be saying it
needs to be taken into account when we've just told you exactly how to
take it into account.

If you'd like Myth to behave in a different way, I'll be happy to
write the patch and submit it for you.  All you need to do give me an
algorithm that explains all the following to my satisfaction:

1) How to determine if a show starts or ends with something important
or uninteresting
2) How to determine if a show is going to start with a commercial,
before allocating a tuner to make the recording to do commercial
3) How to determine whether the scene following the credits is a
trailer to the same show, or the intro the show following

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