[mythtv-users] Network execs added 1 minute to program length

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Oct 4 14:30:29 UTC 2007

Matt wrote:
> On 9/30/07, Chris Pinkham <cpinkham at bc2va.org> wrote:
>> * On Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 06:45:08PM -0500, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>> On 9/30/07, Gary Elder <gelder4 at cox.net> wrote:
>>>> Network execs have screwed up my ability to record shows on different
>>>> channels for success hour blocks. For instance, ABC runs Grey's Anatomy
>>>> from 8:00 to 9:01PM.  This causes Myth to show a conflict for NBC's
>>>> showing of ER at 9:00PM, and subsequently doesn't record.
>>>> Is there a way to setup scheduling so ER (in progress) will start
>>>> recording at the conclusion of Grey's Anatomy at 9:01?  I can override
>>>> the ER schedule so that it starts at 9:01, but it seems NBC doesn't
>>>> always run the program over 1 minute every week and I don't want to
>>>> sacrifice the beginning of ER if it is not needed.
>>> Myth can only do what it has been told.  Scheduling tells it to run till
>>> 9:01 for Grey.  Scheduling tells it to start at 9:00pm for ER.  Change one
>>> or the other.  You can't expect it to "magically" figure out what to do.  If
>>> you don't like setting ER to always start a minute late, then you will have
>>> to watch your Upcoming Recordings for conflicts and correct them on a
>>> one-off basis.
>> The solution is to tell Myth to do this then. :)
>> Set a hard "start early" of -1 on E.R.  Set a global pre-roll of
>> 1 minute.
>> When Grey's Anatomy is scheduled to end late at 9:01, then the scheduler
>> will ignore the global pre-roll and will start E.R. at 9:01 as scheduled.
>> When Grey's Anatomy is scheduled to end at 9:00 on the dot, then the
>> scheduler will give E.R. the 1 minute global pre-roll and you won't
>> miss the start of E.R.
>> Chris
> Yup... that's good advice Chris!

I went surfing the Setup Menu and got entirely lost.

Chris, could you please set out, as exactly as possibly *where* these 
parameters are set? They are NOT near each other in the UI, as far as I 
can tell. I found, I think, what you refer to as 'global pre-roll' but 
I'm not sure it was not 'hard start early' and that makes a difference.

And I think *where* these items are is quite different between the 
standard and SVN streams.

(And here I always thought that 'hard start' was the problem you have 
with your car when it's -40 outside!)


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