[mythtv-users] Insight Cable Company willing to work with me to get firewire connection fixed

Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 21:09:18 UTC 2007

On 10/3/07, Joe Borne <joe.borne at gmail.com> wrote:
> I live in northern Kentucky and I have Insight cable (a Time Warner
> subsidiary). I ordered the HD package back in April and everything worked
> great. I hooked up my Mythbox to my Motorola 61xx STB and I was watching HD
> content on every channel I subscribed to in a matter of minutes. But then a
> few weeks later, several channels stopped working. My Mythbox was able to
> make the STB change to the channel, but then after a few minutes it would
> kick back out to the main menu. It wasn't an HD issue, because some of my HD
> channels still work.
> So is there a way to test to see if I am getting an mpeg 2 stream from a
> channel other than just tuning to it and seeing if it fails? Is there a way
> to see WHY it fails? (No data, scrambled data, poor signal, what?)

Joe, one thing you probably want to try is to look at the diagnostic
screen on the set top box, and compare between the channels that work
and the ones that don't.  To enter the diagnostic screen, tune the STB
to the channel you want to examine, turn the box off, and quickly hit
the Select button (if you pause too long, you won't get the screen and
have to repeat).  At this point you'll have a menu of about a dozen

Find the screens with the items Type, CCI, and RC Flag.  Type should
be Digital UNK 0x43 (in the clear) or ENC 0x12 (encrypted).  Copy-once
channels have CCI and RC Flag set to 0x02, and copy-many have them set
to 0.  For each channel you want to examine the settings of, you have
to exit diagnostics, turn the STB back on, set the desired channel,
and repeat the above.

Disclaimer: you probably want to be very careful not to fiddle with
any of the changeable settings in the diagnostic screen.  The above
info is for a Motorola QIP-6200 as of January, 2007 (which is the last
time I was trying to get stuff to work over firewire).  Firmware can
change, so I won't swear to its current accuracy.

But in any case, if you can get to the diag screen, you should be able
to compare and contrast the different channels.

Hope this helps,

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