[mythtv-users] [video renderer] 'ivtv' renderer notavailable

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Oct 3 00:46:52 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-02 at 20:06 +0200, koen mythtv wrote:
>         Look at the ./configure output. Those are not valid configure
>         options.
>         ivtv is built by default in trunk, you can only disable it by
>         using 
>         either --disable-ivtv or --disable-v4l.
>         -- Daniel
> Daniel,
> first of all thank you for your quick reply,

> ivtv support     yes

> I have IVTV support for my pvr350 in mythtv atm, recording wise, or
> does the ivtv=yes under Input Support also imply PVR350 video and osd
> rendering?


> My question comes from the fact that i saw the new playback profiles
> (in the frontend config menu) in trunk. 
> There i can choose the CPU-- profile that uses a rule for the PVR-350
> decoder, with Video renderer IVTV.

Yep this should work.

> But in the warning that mythfrontend spits out, it says
> 'VideoOutputXv: Desired video renderer 'ivtv' not available' 
> so my first thought was that i didn't compile it in, but you say that
> this is done by default?


> Any clues to why mythfrontend says the renderer is not available? (Any
> hardware assisted playback is more than welcome on my sempron 2500
> box.) 

I don't have enough of your log to make a diagnosis. This is the test
performed to determine if a file is playable:

    if (((kCodec_MPEG1 == myth_codec_id) ||
         (kCodec_MPEG2 == myth_codec_id)) &&
        (video_dim.width() <= 720) &&
        (video_dim.height() <= 576))
        list += "ivtv";

This is from videoout_ivtv.cpp. The PVR-350 can only reliably play back
files it recorded and they have to be PAL resolution or less. You also
need to check "Use the PVR-350's TV out / MPEG decoder in the playback
settings (on about page 9 or so). And of course, configure the PVR-350
output device and other configuration options appropriately.

-- Daniel

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