[mythtv-users] Confused About HDHomeRun -- SOLVED!!!

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Tue Oct 2 22:58:52 UTC 2007

On 10/2/2007 9:51 AM Rich West wrote:
> Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>> On 10/1/2007 3:35 PM Michael Rice said the following:
>>> On 10/1/07, Drew Tomlinson <drew at mykitchentable.net> wrote:
>>>> But what I am seeing is that in most cases, all content is attempting to
>>>> use cardid 8.  If it is busy, then mythtv marks the show as a conflict.
>>> So having just installed a HDHR in my setup I'll venture a guess....
>>> So you have channel 3 (analog) and 3_1 (HD) are the callsigns the same
>>> or do you now have something like KXXX and KXXX-DT?  If the callsigns
>>> are not the same Myth doesn't think it is the same channel... and if
>>> you have rules that say "record anytime on this channel" you will have
>>> behavior like you describe.
>> Good guess!  This was the problem.
> Interestingly enough, when I did my HDHomeRun install and got the 3_1,
> 6_1, 6_2, etc channels, I just thought that was 'the way things were'. 
> I adjusted my recordings accordingly to utilize the new channel numbers..
> How did you go about editing the call sign info?

As I understand it, the 3_1, 3_2, etc. is just a display number and 
actually has nothing to do with tuning the card.  It is the freqid field 
in the channels table that is the key to tuning.

Anyway, callsign is just another field in the channels table.  You can 
edit either via Mythweb settings page or directly in the channels 
table.  My situation is as follows:

Local channels are: (I have more but these will serve as an example)

 3     KCRA (NBC - Analog)
 3_1   KCRA-DT (NBC - Digital 16:9)
 3_2   KCRA-SD (NBC - Digital 4:3)

10     KXTV (ABC - Analog)
10_1   KXTV-DT (ABC - Digital 16:9)
10_2   KXTV-DT2 (Usually local news and weather but SD broadcasts during 
prime time - 4:3)

I have a PVR-250 card attached to a DirecTV tuner through which I get 
analog locals.  I also have a pcHDTV 3000 card and a HDHomeRun all 
attached to a roof antenna.  All three only receive digital signal.  I 
have two lineups on Schedules Direct, one for DirecTV (sourceid 1) and 
one for antenna (sourceid 2).  Default channel setup resulted in this

chanid     sourceid     channum     callsign     name
------     --------     -------     --------     ----
  1003         1            3       KCRA         KCRA
  2031         2            3_1     KCRADT       KCRADT
  2032         2            3_2     KCRADT2      KCRADT2
  1010         1           10       KXTV         KXTV
  2101         2           10_1     KXTVDT       KXTVDT
  2101         2           10_2     KXTVDT2      KXTVDT2

Many times the exact same show is broadcast both on the analog channel 
and digital channels.  Because recordings from the PVR-250 only consume 
2.2 GB per hour and recordings from the other tuners consume around 7 
GB, I want the PVR-250 to have first priority *UNLESS* the broadcast is 
an HD broadcast.  I also wanted to avoid the situation where programs 
without specific episode identifying information are recorded by 
multiple tuners at the same time..

To meet my goals, the first step was to edit the channel table so that 
callsigns with the same programming at the same time matched.  Thus I 
changed the callsigns for all my versions of channel 3 to KCRA.  
Additionally, I changed 10 and 10_1 to KXTV but left 10_2 at KXTVDT2 
because during the day its programming doesn't follow the other two 
channel 10s.

This is the end result:

chanid     sourceid     channum     callsign     name
------     --------     -------     --------     ----
  1003         1            3       KCRA         KCRA
  2031         2            3_1     KCRA         KCRADT
  2032         2            3_2     KCRA         KCRA
  1010         1           10       KXTV         KXTV
  2101         2           10_1     KXTV         KXTVDT
  2101         2           10_2     KXTVDT2      KXTVDT2

Next I set a priority of two in Setup -> TV Settings -> Recording 
Priorities -> HDTV Recording Priority.  This makes shows flagged as HD 
record on the digital tuners.  However without the priority bump, all 
shows are equal priority so the default is to use the first tuner 
available.  That's why I configured the PVR-250 card first.

The end result works very well.  Sometimes when there is not unique 
prime time episode data, I will get duplicate recordings on 10_1 and 
10_2 as the channids are different.  However this is rare.

Hopefully this info will help you to get a system that behaves in the 
manner in which you wish.



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