[mythtv-users] Slow myth TV user interface on a fast machine

Larry K lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 01:04:17 UTC 2007

There have been several threads talking about this problem, including this


I too have this problem on a FC7 AMD Athlon 2500+.  I use the nvidia 9746
driver.  I have never used nv or anything else.  I was initially using qt
menu renderer but switched to OpenGL and that actually seemed to help a
little.  Not sure why since it seems to be the opposite of what most people
expect.  I also turned on "CPU friendly thumbnails" or something like that
in the setup menu.  Maybe that helped a little too.

Bottom line is that this problem did not exist in my previous setup of Myth
0.18 and I think nvidia 7174 driver.  It was apparently introduced somewhere
in 0.19, based on threads in the discussion archive.  Still happening in


On 10/1/07, Tom Metro <tmetro+mythtv-users at gmail.com> wrote:
> Alex Halovanic wrote:
> > You will have terrible performance with the free nv driver and the
> > menus if they're being drawn with the default OpenGL painter as it's
> > basically trying to emulate 3D hardware using only software.
> Confirmed, though the OpenGL setting only has a noticeable impact on the
> upper level menus, where it fades in/out the selections in what appears
> to be slow motion. Overall it makes the situation worse, but it doesn't
> make the menus that were slow before any slower.
> The problem is specifically with the show selection menus and similar
> menus. Not the top-level menus or the recording group selection pop-up
> menu.
> > Have you tried my suggestion of changing the 'Paint Engine' to QT in
> > the Setup->Appearance menu and restarting the frontend?
> As another person mention, I had always been using qt until I tried
> OpenGL for the first time today.
> I've been suffering from this slow menu problem for like 6 months, but
> being on a combo BE/FE machine where the FE gets only occasional use for
> video editing, I hadn't been adequately motivated to research it.
> However, I had been surprised to see no mention of the problem on this
> list until just now, and wondered if it was a problem specific to my
> system.
> My symptoms were pretty much as the OP described, and I also noticed
> that the problem would occasionally fix itself, but I never observed any
> correlation with any specific action - just that if the FE was left
> running for a long time (on the order of weeks) it would go away, and
> after restarting the FE (not the computer) it'd be back. I also noticed
> that this problem was introduced with some of the updates just prior to
> the Ubuntu Fiesty release (Feburary timeframe).
> As others have reported, switching to the proprietary NVIDIA drivers
> fixed the problem. However, I did run into a glitch with the driver
> switch. I happened to have left the FE in OpenGL mode when I upgraded
> the driver, and when I tried running the FE again the prescaling screen
> was normal, but then the main menu screen appeared just as a black
> window (I run the FE windowed). Dragging the window caused a blue
> background to flicker into view, but no menus.
> I probably could have flipped some setting in the DB to fix this, but
> Ubuntu makes the driver switch only a few clicks, so I reverted,
> switched back to Qt, and went back to the proprietary driver, where it
> worked fine.
> Apparently the OpenGL implementation is broken in the proprietary driver
> with my hardware, which is an integrated video chip in the NVIDIA
> nForce2 chipset (lspci reports GeForce4 MX). Could be Ubuntu's
> Restricted Device Manager chose the wrong driver. (The howto mentions a
> legacy driver, but it installed the mainstream driver.)
>   -Tom
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