[mythtv-users] Confused About HDHomeRun

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Tue Oct 2 00:21:14 UTC 2007

On 10/1/2007 3:25 PM William Munson said the following:
> Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>> On 10/1/2007 1:34 PM David George said the following:
>>> On 10/01/2007 03:49 PM, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>>>> I have a MythTV box running .20.2 on Gentoo.  It has one PVR-250 and one 
>>>> pcHDTV 3000 card.  I have two lineups on SchedulesDirect, one for 
>>>> DirecTV and one for the antenna.  The DirecTV lineup is the video source 
>>>> attached to the S-Video input on the PVR-250 and the antenna lineup is 
>>>> the video source for the pcHDTV .
>>>> Now I have added a HDHomeRun to my network.  I added the HDHR as two 
>>>> separate capture cards in mythtv-setup and they show up as additional 
>>>> tuners in the status page.  I used the same antenna lineup for both HDHR 
>>>> tuners as I use for the pcHDTV card.
>>>> So now I expect to see most conflicts resolved in my upcoming recordings 
>>>> as I now have 3 HDTV tuners but this is not the case.  MythTV is not 
>>>> using any of my HDTV tuners for recording, only the PVR-250.  I'm at a 
>>>> loss as to what I've missed.  Both tuners were working fine before.  Do 
>>>> I need a separate lineup for each tuner?  That doesn't seem right to 
>>>> me...  Any ideas on what I can check to resolve this?  I was hoping to 
>>>> resolve some conflicts before prime time tonight.  :)
>>> Try a 'mythbackend --resched' on your backend.  Sometimes I am not 
>>> patient enough after adding a card for a reschedule to happen, so the 
>>> --resched will force it right away.  And yes, do this while the backend 
>>> is running.
>> I tried but no joy.  Although now that I've scrolled down a bit in 
>> Mythweb, I see that the scheduler is using one of my HDHR inputs 
>> sometimes but not nearly as often as it could.  Here are my current cards:
>> cardid   cardtype          dbox2_port
>>  8       MPEG              31338
>>  9       HDTV              31338
>> 10       HDHOMERUN             0
>> 11       HDHOMERUN             1
>> Cardid 8 is the PVR-250 and is connected to a DirecTV tuner box via 
>> S-Video.  Cardid 9 is the pcHDTV 3000 and cardid 10 & 11 are the HDHR.  
>> All three of these tuners are connected to an OTA antenna and a 
>> corresponding lineup that only includes the digital channels they can 
>> receive.  All card priorities are set at 0.  I have a +2 priority set 
>> for HD programming.  Thus in this configuration, I expect that HD 
>> content will record first on the pcHDTV card, then on HDHR port 0, and 
>> finally on HDHR port 1.  Non HD content would first attempt to use the 
>> PVR-250 and then follow the previous priority.  And for completeness, 
>> all DirecTV channels will record only on the PVR-250 (obviously).
>> But what I am seeing is that in most cases, all content is attempting to 
>> use cardid 8.  If it is busy, then mythtv marks the show as a conflict.  
>> For example coming up at 1700 PDT this evening, my local news is 
>> broadcast both on analog channel 3 and on digital 3_1 in HD.  At the 
>> same time, Judge Judy is shown on local analog channel 31 and although 
>> not in HD, it is also broadcast on digital channel 31_1.  This scenario 
>> happens every weekday evening.
>> Normally, because the news is flagged as an HD broadcast, myth records 
>> it with pcHDTV card and records Judge Judy with the PVR-250.  This is 
>> exactly the behavior I expect.  However tonight myth has scheduled Judge 
>> Judy to use the PVR-250 and shows the news as a conflict.
>> Yet tomorrow at noon, there is an episode of Cops that is not flagged as 
>> HD yet it's scheduled to record using cardid 10.  Nothing else is to be 
>> recorded at that time so this makes no sense to me.  It should record 
>> using cardid 8 or if a conflict, cardid 9.  I think my computer has a 
>> mind of its own.  :)
> To use your hd cards whenever possible you should set the card priority 
> of the hdhr to higher than your pvr-250. This will cause the logic to 
> record anything available in both sd and hd as hd and will make your 
> hdhr be the primary recorders and the 250 as the backup. You can still 
> have your per-program priorities too. That is how I determine which one 
> in a conflict should be recorded. I set Cops to -2 so that it loses to 
> anything else.

Agreed.  However I don't want to use my HD cards whenever possible as 
the resulting file size is about 7 GB per hour.  My PVR-250 only uses 
about 2.2 GB per hour and the quality is sufficient for me.  Thus I want 
to use the HD tuners only if the show is actually broadcast in HD.  
Configuring the PVR-250 card first, leaving the tuner inputs equal, and 
giving a higher priority to shows with the HD flag set creates this 



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