[mythtv-users] How can I completely remove lirc?

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 20:29:35 UTC 2007

> Regarding Mythbuntu, I understand that its benefit is a replacement of 
> the operating system (less bloat) as well as more up to date patches.  I 
> am not sure how this would go on top of your current system.

Well this is supposed to be one of the big selling points.  You can still get
all the advantageous stuff from Mythbuntu on an existing gutsy box if you want to.

It can be done as a replacement (and hence less bloat), or as an add on.  See
http://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu for more information on what is meant
by add-on.

Mario Limonciello
mario.mailing at gmail.com

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