[mythtv-users] HD deinterlacing

Phil Vid phil.vid at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 10:54:48 UTC 2007

Hi List,

Have just got a new HDTV (1080p native) so am trying to get the best
quality playback from Myth possible.
I am using a 5200+ dual core athlon with 2gb ram. I am running latest
SVN (14547) with the displayprofiles, using ffmpeg and xv-blit. NVidia
7200 series card with 256mb on board set to 1080p output over dvi. I
am running the latest nvidia drivers and enabled the rtc kernel param
which fixed some tearing.

Using linearblend, the playback seems to be very crisp until motion
occurs, and then it is somewhat crisp and then jerky every now and
again. Hard to discern but if you are looking for it, it is obvious.
Using bob, it feels like the video is slightly sped up at times. When
there is no motion, it seems fine but then when a scene change occurs
it seems like things speed up slightly even though the audio sounds
fine. Also it appears slightly glittery but this is not so noticeable.

I've monitored cpu solidly and it never peaks 50%. Am I insane or is
this something legitimate I'm seeing here?


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