[mythtv-users] How to tell myth what is encrypted channel

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Fri Nov 30 15:42:25 UTC 2007

I have three dvb-t tuners, all set to same input source.

Only one card has sc-reader and ability to watch encrypted channels. Two 
other cards only show unencrypted channels.

I can set "only unencrypted channels" in input connections for two other 
cards. But myth still tries to show encrypted channels with them. Also, 
when I schedule recordings, myth tries to use those tuners for encrypted 
channels too. Of cource recording fails.

I can't find any setting in channel database, to tell myth that channel 
is encrypted. Is there a way to do this? Or does myth try to conclude it 
somehow itself?

Is it only way to make two input connections one for card with card 
reader and one for two other cards? I have found that this setup leads 
to problems too.



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