[mythtv-users] OT: Strange problems with an nvidia fx 5200

Remco Hosman remco at hosman.xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 30 13:13:24 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 30/11/2007, Marc Barrett <mnealbarrett at cox.net> wrote:
>> I am trying to get the s-video out to work on an nvidia GeForce FX 5200
>> video card.  For some reason, everything appears black-and-white on
>> my TV, no color at all.  This happens no matter what operating system
>> I've tried, so I have a feeling it may be a problem with the card itself,
>> but other than this I have had no problems with the card at all.  I've
>> tried four different s-video cables, so that can't be the problem.  I'm
>> just wondering if maybe someone else has had a similar problem
>> and solved it.
> Looks like either your card is outputting, or your TV is sensing, a
> composite video signal instead of S-Video. Please post the device
> section from your xorg.conf and the nvidia/nv driver version.
Some TVs have 2 'channels' for scart, either composite or S-video. or it 
might not support s-video over scart.


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