[mythtv-users] Linksys Kiss 1600 HD media player & DVD

Paul Fowler Paul.Fowler at reuters.com
Fri Nov 30 12:24:01 UTC 2007


Has anybody considered a firmware hack on this device to use it as a
MythTV frontend.


Among its hardware elements are...

- Wired and wireless networking
- HDMI out
- S-Video out
- Composite out
- Component out
- SCART out
- Analogue out
- SPDIF optical out
- SPDIF coaxial out
- USB2 accessory port for external hard drive, camera or ipod as an
extra media store
- IR remote included, and internal IR receiver
- DVD drive included
- Internal Mains Poswer supply.
- Fanless operation
- Reflashable firmware - hackers enter here ?
- H.264 capable with withd a dedicated mpeg hardware decoder.
- Size 230x345x55
- Weight 2.2kg
- Fanless operation

I believe if this is hackable it would make an excellent front end
device, and yes I appreciate that it's position in the market is to try
and do some of what MythTV does, but we could make it do MythTV Frontend
properly ?

The current firmeware download is 16.3MB.
The firmware is also GPL based and opensource at
And (35MB)
600_GPL_License_1.1.4.tgz (7MB)

Any thoughts?

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