[mythtv-users] Sharp 46' LCD, GF5200 and 1080 HD mode ?

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 19:33:32 UTC 2007

> On Nov 29, 2007 8:03 AM, <Jens.Peder.Terjesen at devoteam.com> wrote:
> I purchased a 5200 to take advantage of the chroma key but it wouldn't drive
> my 1080p projector over HDMI/DVI, it would over VGA tho.  Something about
> dual data link (not sure if thats right, cant remember)

As AGP cards go, I've gone through quite a list of Nvidia products
while using myth, under numerous nvidia driver revisions.

Side by side, same cpu, os, ram, OS, output device, driver revision,
etc, swapping between a 5200, 5700U, 6200, 6800NU, 6800U, I have been
able to easily see the difference between the DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 far more
than GPU type or speed. 5700U has faster ram than the 6200 or 5200,
and you can tell, when driving a 1080i/1080p display, either over VGA
or DVI.

Tearing, sync slices, etc, go away when going to a card with faster video ram.

It may be something that PCI-E helps offset as well, so it may be less
of an issue with newer cards. I haven't tried, for example, the lower
end 7-series cards on PCI-E.

If you're using a 5200/6200 series with a 1080i/1080p display, and
you're not getting any tearing/slicing/etc, I'm impressed and happy
for your luck. I haven't had the same luck.

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