[mythtv-users] Sharp 46' LCD, GF5200 and 1080 HD mode ?

Gregg 3gemail at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 18:18:19 UTC 2007

> > > Do somebody have experience with this LCD TV, GF5200 and driving it to 1080 HD modes ?
> > > From NV forums I know there is some issues with proper driving  this TV to 1080i.
> > > Also, is it possible to drive it to 1080p ?
> > > What is native matrix resolution in this TV: isn't it 1920x540 ?
> >
> > While I can't help with these questions, I can offer one suggestion:
> > Upgrade the video card.
> >
> > in my experience, a card with slow DDR like the 5200 series cards,
> > have a hard time (tearing) with the memory bandwidth involved in
> > 1080i/1080p modes. Upgrading to an (nvidia) card with DDR2/DDR3 can
> > help a lot.
> >
I Currently use a 5200 in 1080i and 720p for my projector over DVI,
and it works great.  I can not speak for 1080p, because my projector
does not support it, but when I try it I get a lot of stutter in the
picture.  I figure it is because my video card has to downscale it for
my projector.


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